| Arrow Keys to Move | Z to use shadow ability | X to attack | C to use ability |

| A to use potion 1 | S to use potion 2 | D to use potion 3 | F to use potion 4 |

V to pull up inventory and drag and drop to move items

WGJ Game Week 30 "Not the Hero"

Made in 1 week by Me,  another member of the WGJ Discord Elorin, and another member IndieManiaC. IndieManiaC did the artwork, Elorin did the sound/music and game design. I programmed and did a little bit of game design. 

Overall it didn't turn out how we had imagined, but the rough idea exists in this demo. The main hinderer for further development for me was a lack of visual feedback.

Published 42 days ago
Tags16-bit, Stealth

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